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Hey by Jamie Kahn

Published July 27, 2018
Chapbook - 30 pages - 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1723577017
And even on the days
when the sun is out
shorts weather
the music skips
and my pits sweat
and my curls droop
as my hands so sticky from sweet tea
grip the steering wheel

potholes pair with twisted up
cassette tapes
and play my death song
loud enough to make
me forget anything good

$10.00 USD
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About the author:
Jamie Kahn is a writer and undergraduate student at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Jamie is also a yoga instructor, and has a passion for life, traveling, and creativity in all forms!

Grand Showcase 2018 - The Wayward Sword

Published July 17, 2018
Mixed Media, Anthology - 48 pages
8.5" x 11", ISBN: 978-1723113291
The Grand Showcase 2018: Writing Knights Press’ annual event marking a new year of creativity.
$15.00 USD
Mixed Media Anthology
(Free PDF with Purchase)

Contributing Authors:
Alex Gildzen ... anasyn Red ... Anne Ellington ... Azriel Johnson ... Carrie Tangenberg ... Daria Quinn ... David S. Pointer ... Deno Sandz ... Dionne D. Hunter ... Eilmy ... Franchessca Fallucco ... Gabriel Ricard ... Jacob Paul Patchen ... James Croal Jackson ... James Schwartz ... Joe Bisicchia ... Julia Clouden ... Keith Allison ... Kenny Angelou ... Laraine Seidl ... Lennart Lundh ... Maheshwor Dhital ... Marc Mannheimer... Michael Ceraolo ... Morgan Ellington ... One Single Rose ... Raechel Aurora ... Robert Perron ... Robin Wyatt Dunn ... Ruth Morris ... Smith ... Tanya Pilumeli ... Wanda Morrow Clevenger ... William Merricle

Give Life Back to Me by Casey Kryzstofik

Published July 9, 2018
Chapbook - 44 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1722019730
Simple solutions attacked like a
honey badger
fighting a cobra.
Tell her my schedule and she accuses me
of not planning ahead of time.
Prefer the reading of letters
from an old, dead lover to my presence.
Charging me of not caring when my love
has been quite the contrary.
Friends and I advise her not to be at places
where normal people would stay
— Honey Badger
$10.00 USD
(Free PDF with Purchase)

About the author:
Casey Krysztofik is a Native of Columbus, Ohio. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree Cum Laude in Mathematics from Ohio University in 1998. He is a certified ballroom dance instructor at Inspiration to Movement Inc. in Columbus, Ohio.