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Pinholes: Traveling Through the Curtain of the Night by Cat Russell

Kindle: Published November 9, 2021, Hardcover: Published March 26, 2022

Hardcover Novel - 296 pages - 6" x 9"
ISBN: 979-8-43576-022-4

The brilliant scientist Portage McPeeve does not want to take over the world.

He’s discovered a way to travel the stars, using them as gateways into other realities. With his Gateway Manipulator, he hopes to rule all the worlds of the multi-verse with an iron fist. However, when his beloved kitten becomes lost through the machine, he does not hesitate to cast plans for multi-world domination aside; instead, he follows her through the cosmos – encountering zombies, higher education for Supers, Greek gods, and killer ninjas along the way.

Will Portage find Mrs. Bumblefrost before it’s too late?
Hardcover Novel

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Cat Russell shares her life with her high school sweetheart, their son, and another ferocious creature in the wilds of Ohio while writing short stories, composing poetry, and learning more about the craft every day. Her work has been published in print and online, and she is the author of three books: Soul Picked Clean (March 2019), An Optimist’s Journal of the End of Days and Other Stories (August 2020), and Pinholes: Traveling through the Curtain of the Night (November 2021).

More of her work can be found online on her writing blog:

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