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Moving Sounds by Casey Krysztofik

Published February 14, 2022

Chapbook - 65 pages - 5" x 8"
ISBN: 979-8-41723-297-8

Raindrops no longer from sky –
continue from plants above ground.
Hosta spade leaves hold water:
wine from Roman shell shaped cups.

Woman soaked after slip and fall.
Cling from clutches assisted by flood absorbed.
Blouse unbuttoned – free and comfortable.
Flesh painted with precision before sprayed with clear coat.

Screen room she rests mostly hidden in lush woods.
Viewing the mouth between river and bay.
Jaws opened at snake’s pinnacle showing off fangs.
Its saliva becomes a waterfall.

--Second Concerto’s Andante

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The third poetry collection by Casey Krysztofik explores the sonic relation of words and movement. He kicks up the technique of his previous collections to bring the reader to a new and eldritch world. A concert of poetry.