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Masha Allah by And(y)i Line

Published February 4, 2017
Chapbook - 48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781542756068
"Were you proud of the way you turned them against me, as if I were the predator? This is not a poem about how much I hate you, or how broken I am; it's a celebration of reclamation and budding wings! of not feeling sick to my stomach every time a new man touches me, of not running from soft music and lit candles as if they are the fires of hell."
- Wing Buds [pt. 2]

"In a state of mind every bit as broken as 36 years of trampled eggshells, she told me she loved me. It was only the second time I'd ever seen her, but I had no doubt that those words were the closest things to truth that she owned."
- For Teri 

$10.00 USD

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About the author:
If you were to ask // Andrew who he is, // the first word out of his mouth // would undoubtedly be "artist." // More specifically, he is // a 20-something transgender *Hipster* // (shhhh! don't tell!), // a proud mother // to the most brilliant and beautiful // Princess in the world, // a Queer Rights activist, // a lover and dreamer. // His current endeavors include // learning Arabic and staying clean. // Andrew spends his free time // reading books on philosophy // that are way over his head, // watching the movie "Rent" // (over and over), // singing in the shower, // studying the psychology // of serial killers and // tearing apart enchanted forests // while slaying dragons // with his galaxy-renowned Kung-Fu skills. // His biggest pipe dreams // are to one day get his PhD // and stop moving so !@#$ much. // He firmly believes that Oxford commas // are for // conformists.