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Please excuse the cheesy $ as an S gimmick.
Writing Knights is looking to build up
We are looking for content producers 
AND we're willing to pay for good articles/pieces/blogs.
Subject: WANTED: WRITER$ - (insert project name here)
Body: Legal Name - Creating Name
(for proposals) Submit your proposal in between 20-50 words.
(if this is your first submission) 20-50 word bio and Paypal email address
Attachment: Your proposed content. Please send only one at a time.
(if this is your first submission) Bio Picture 
Compensation: $5-$15 per accepted piece, $1 for every 1,000 notes/likes.
Rights: Writing Knights holds the rights to any accepted and purchased piece. Author keeps the byline. 

Bloggers & Vloggers: Do you have a topic you want to explore? 
Send us a proposal.

Fiction Got a piece of short fiction?
A novel length fiction that could be split up into multiple installments?
Let's work something out!

Non-fiction: You have some non-fiction you are looking to place? 
Or a memoir you want the world to see?
Share with us your story.
Poetry: We are always looking for poetry!
Send us some pieces between 10 and 100 lines.
We will look it over and see what comes to pass.

Writing Knights Press Reviews: We are looking for people to write reviews for Writing Knights releases.
If you're interested, email us!
Other Press Reviews: Have a review for another literary press? 
Send it.
Do you run a press and want to work out mutual reviews?
Let's talk.

Something we haven't mentioned?  Send us a proposal!