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Write for WK

We have a number of different projects in the works and we are looking for content producers. AND we're willing to pay for good articles. Here is the list of our projects in the works. 

Bloggers & Vloggers: Do you have a topic you want to explore? Send us a proposal.

Fiction: Got a piece of short fiction? A novel length fiction that could be split up into multiple installments? Let's work something out!

Interviews: We sometimes question the motives of people we like and that usually translates to transcendence.
           Five Question Friday: Do you have a big show or release coming up and need some press? Contact us and we'll send you five questions to answer.

Non-fiction: You have some non-fiction you are looking to place? Or a memoir you want the world to see? Share with us your story.
          Sword Points: Do you have an opinion that needs expressed? Send us your thoughts.

Poetry: We are always looking for poetry! Send us some pieces between 3 and 100 lines. We will look it over and see what comes to pass.
          Spam Centos: Spam goes into your inbox, the subject lines become works of art. 

Reviews: We are looking for people to write reviews for Writing Knights releases.
           Other Press Reviews: Have a review for another literary press? Send it. Do you run a press and want to work out mutual reviews? Let's talk.
            Binge Media: Want to talk pop culture? Check out Binge Media.

SEO Articles: Got a freelance, SEO article that hasn't been purchased? Send it our way. 

Something we haven't mentioned?  Send us a proposal!

Subject: Write for WK - (insert project name here)
Body: Legal Name - Creating Name
(for proposals) Submit your proposal in between 20-50 words.
(if this is your first submission) 20-50 word bio and Paypal email address
Attachment: Your proposed content. Please send only one at a time.
(if this is your first submission) Bio Picture 
Compensation: $5 per accepted piece, $1 for every 1,000 hits.