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A Character Studies by Scaramouche Black

Published October 15, 2017
Mixed Media - 8.5" x 11", 48 pages, ISBN: 978-1978284241
About the author:
Scaramouche Black
is nowhere near so dark
or mysterious as her name
might imply - though
for better or worse,
she's just as dramatic
as you'd suspect.
Fear not, Dear Readers -
she is working on that.
When not writing and drawing
in a mad attempt
to exorcise various demons,
Ms. Black
can be found
gracing local stages.
And by "local"
she means the stages
of Northern England.
For now....
$15.00 USD
Mixed Media
(Free PDF with Purchase)

These assorted ramblings and doodlings are devoted to a life interestingly-, if not always well-, lived in the Land of Cleve, with assorted diversions in more exotic locales.