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young and unadorned by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

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she complimented the ring
calculated my breast cup –
unsatisfied I’d barely fill her
smallest available

it was discrimination
before discrimination had teeth –
hiring and firing
for the exact same reason
young and unadorned

About the author: 
Wanda Morrow Clevenger  wrote eight poems in a handful of months in 1974; thirty-four years later she returned to writing.  She has since placed over 465 pieces of work in 157 print and electronic literary journals and anthologies.

In August of 2013, while compiling the manuscript for this book she fell ill with pancreatitis, further complicated by necrosis in the following nine months, and wasn’t expected to survive.  One year later, almost to the day, she sat down to finish where the hogs ate the cabbage.  

She has her husband to thank for the title.

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