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As Real by Azriel Johnson

$10 for the full album
$1 per track

1. The National Ransom 
     Take the National Anthem, fix it.

2. Shopping Carts
     Have some common sense.

3. New Kid
     Bullying is wrong. Fight back!

4. Homelessness
     Narrative about being homeless.

5. Heroes
     Piece about mental illness.

6. Regaining Me
     Alliterative, punchy. Like an introduction.

7. Down Below, in Between
     Whoa, whoa. I'm an ally.

8. Save It
     Appreciate the women you're around.

9. Social Beatin' Ya
     How social media is a menace to society.

10. Ancestral Memories
     How we pass down things through the ages.

11. Second Worst Pain
     Crass, just crass. Have a listen.

12. Sweet
     Concerning Diabetes.

13. Metaphor's Friend
     Based on a mishearing of "Sugarman" by Rodriguez.

14. Groovy
     A traveling to Cleveland, narrative poem.

15. After Howl
     A Cleveland litany, with many props to many folks.

16. Poet Workin' a Factory Blues
     Self Explanatory title.