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We have a number of different projects in the works and we are looking for content producers. Here is the list of our projects in the works.

Abandoned Articles: Got a freelance, SEO article that hasn't been purchased? Send it our way. 

BingeMedia: Television, Movies, Music, Books, Plays, anything, old or new send us your reviews of your favorite media.

Fiction: Got a piece of short fiction? A novel length fiction that could be split up into multiple installments? Let's work something out!
           Curasol Universe: A medicine that changes the very DNA in those who receive it. The results may vary.
           Lawbreaker: An ongoing story from the Curasol Universe.
           The Strange Town in the Middle of the Forest: by Max Szredni, a horror, partially erotic fairy tale.

Interviews: We sometimes question the motives of people we like and that usually translates to transcendance.
           Five Question Friday: Do you have a big show or release coming up and need some press? Contact us and we'll send you five questions to answer.

Non-fiction: You have some non-fiction you are looking to place? Or a memoir you want the world to see? Share with us your story.
          Sword Points: Do you have an opinion that needs expressed? Send us your thoughts.

Poetry: We are always looking for poetry! Send us some pieces between 3 and 100 lines. We will look it over and see what comes to pass.
          Spam Centos: Spam goes into your inbox, the subject lines become works of art.

Bloggers & Vloggers: Do you have a topic you want to explore? Send us a proposal.

Something we haven't mentioned?  Send us a proposal!

Subject: Roundtable - (insert project name here)
Body: Legal Name - Creating Name
(for proposals) Submit your proposal in between 20-50 words.
(if this is your first submission) 20-50 word bio and Paypal email address
Attachment: Your proposed content. Please send only one at a time.
(if this is your first submission) Bio Picture 
Compensation: Negotiable.

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