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Allergic to Everything by Leah Mueller

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Portland is your hipster boyfriend with a tongue ring,
the one who is always stoned,
the guy who can't be counted on for a commitment.

Kalamazoo is the boyfriend who gets drunk,
smashes your possessions,
and steals your laptop so he can sell it to buy crack.

Chicago was your first boyfriend. He's still standing in
the yard of his four-flat, grilling something.

Tacoma is much smarter than he looks,
and that is a big part of his appeal.

Seattle won't even answer your calls.

-- Cities Where You've Lived as Boyfriends.
About the author:
Leah Mueller is a writer who resides in western Washington. Her work has been published in Cultured Vultures, Origins Journal, Quail Bell, Typoetic, Talking Soup, Silver Birch Press, Semaphore, MaDCap, The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society, and many others. Leah's chapbook, "Queen of Dorksville" was published in 2012 by Crisis Chronicles Press. Leah was a featured reader and poet in July 2015 at the New York Poetry Festival, and at the Death Rattle Poetry Festival in Idaho in October, 2015. She enjoys sunflowers, lucid dreaming, and anything water-related.
Publication Date:
Oct 08 2015
1517662583 / 9781517662585
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Poetry / Women Authors

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