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Reading Backwards Through the Yellow by Carolyn Srygley-Moore

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In previous works, Carolyn Srygley-Moore has proven herself superior to any secular GPS navigational system through her ability to intertwine precise locations in physical space with their affiliated emotional state. "Reading Backwards Through the Yellow" takes us beyond Euclidean geometries as though we clicked on Street View in Google Maps. Srygley-Moore's stark and beautiful photographic images provide a rootedness to each group of poems that follow, encouraging the reader to declare, "I believe, because I was there."
- Loring Wirbel , writer, poet, community activist

"Carolyn Srygley-Moore carries the DNA of the New York and Black Mountain schools into the beginning of the short 21st Century. Every bit as attuned to the ecology of the word and the language of nature as Bernadette Mayer and Alice Notley have been, Carolyn's poems will knock your socks off, and make you forget you even had hands to put them on. The rediscovering is wondrous."
- Dan Coffey, Iowa Center for the Book, and Poet's Quarterly

About the author: 
Carolyn Srygley-Moore is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she won awards for her poetry. She is a Pushcart and Best of the Web nominee.

Ms Srygley-Moore is an animal rights advocate, and has rescued dogs, cats, rats, and one iguana. She worked, as a social advocate, with the HIV population in the late 80's; now, she works primarily with persons living with traumatic brain injuries or neurological disorders, in an effort to promote independence.

Carolyn has published five books
of poetry, full length or chapbook:
the latest being MIRACLES OF THE BLOG: a series. She also explores versions of the world through photography and random
collage. Carolyn lives in Upstate New York with her husband and daughter.

She loves to swim


  1. Congratulations on the good fortune of publishing Carolyn, one of my favorite poets. I am eager to buy a copy as soon as I can arrange to do so.

  2. I have shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

  3. Thanks WKP for a great work experience. My hope is that the readers will have as much enjoyment watching the pages go by. Its been a pleasure.