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As Real by Azriel Johnson

$10 for the full album
$1 per track

1. The National Ransom - Take the National Anthem, fix it.
2. Shopping Carts - Have some common sense.
3. New Kid - Bullying is wrong. Fight back!
4. Homelessness - Narrative about being homeless.
5. Heroes - Piece about mental illness.
6. Regaining Me - Alliterative, punchy. Like an introduction.
7. Down Below, in Between - Whoa, whoa. I'm an ally.
8. Save It - Appreciate the women you're around.
9. Social Beatin' Ya - How social media is a menace to society.
10. Ancestral Memories - How we pass down things through the ages.
11. Second Worst Pain - Crass, just crass. Have a listen.
12. Sweet - Concerning Diabetes.
13. Metaphor's Friend - Based on a mishearing of "Sugarman" by Rodriguez.
14. Groovy - A traveling to Cleveland, narrative poem.
15. After Howl - A Cleveland litany, with many props to many folks.
16. Poet Workin' a Factory Blues - Self Explanatory title.

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