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Love, Unwrapped by Mandy Buffington

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Back of the Book:
"Just wanted to write to you,
Things are going well,
Love is wonderful,
Our time together has been great,
Just wanted you to know,
That we love you,
And cherish you,
Thank you for bringing us together,
Love Troy and Mandy."
-- "Postcard to God"

"Love, Unwrapped" is about poems from the heart of a woman speaking on love and devotional to her husband. It is about how love through faith, hope, and promise can continue throughout all hardships. It is about how to never give up on love no matter what one has gone through in life.
About the author: 
Mandy Buffington lives in the Pacific Northwest in the beautiful state of Oregon. Besides her love of God, Troy, and Writing she enjoys spending time with her friends, participating in discussion groups, and playing board games. She has traveled through many states on a life changing journey but considers the beauty of Oregon her true home. She writes short stories, one act plays, novels, songs, articles, and other things along with her poetry.
Publication Date:
Jun 01 2014
1499685106 / 9781499685107
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Poetry / Women Authors

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