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Cannons, Muskets and Broken Pens by Cher Guevara

$6.00 USD
Double Chapbook
(plus Free PDF)
Review of Life Through Broken Pens
"In a thousand different cities;
Standing up
And sharing poetry
With the zeal and lust
Of hellfire preachers
And angry rioters.

I want poetry to be alive and dangerous again."
- Hopes of a Young American Poet

"One last fix
Of powder and steel.
One last time
Where "The Mercy Seat"
Is mutter in prayer
To short-circuit electric hands.
Last march out;
March as brothers,
Charge as brothers,
Fall as brothers."
- Last Look Across the Burning Field

About the author: 
Cher Guevara (formerly Walter Beck) has become a mainstay in the emerging Terre Haute poetry scene where their hardcore verse and often intense performances have drawn praise and condemnation. Their work has been published in a wide variety of publications and they have released three albums of their live performances.

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