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The Way We Were by CLS Ferguson and J.C. Jones

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"Crystal Lane Swift and J.C. Jones create a stirring conversation through poetry: a quest for love, connection, and how to best grow into harmonious individuals in such reckless times."
- Rich Ferguson, Push Cart Nominated Poet

"This powerful call and response collection of poetry by Crystal Lane Swift and J.C. Jones is a vivid look into the "modern terrain of loneliness seeking connection, raw and tender." - Ellyn Maybe, Los Angeles based Poet
About the author:
Crystal Lane Swift "CLS" Ferguson, PhD speaks, signs, acts, publishes, sings, performs, writes, paints, professes, and rarely relaxes. Her portrayal of The Black Rose in Silence, which she also co-wrote and produced, earned her a best actress award and a best film award. Her music video, Secrets & Lies earned accolades on the indie film circuit. She is published in numerous academic and literary journals. Her poetry collection, "God Bless Paul" is out on Rosedog Books. She and her husband, Rich are raising their daughter, Evelyn and their Bernese Mountain Border Collie Mutt, Sadie in Alhambra, CA.

J.C. Jones believes he did something amazing in another life, because he is blessed with good luck. He has been many things, his favorite is being daddy. He hopes you enjoyed reading his words. Perhaps, he will write you some more.
Publication Date:
Nov 11 2016
1539900541 / 9781539900542
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Poetry / American / General

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